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Hi guys! 

I would like to relay our reviews website, the House Box Review. My friend Jan and his boyfriend Tammy were the primary owners of this website and I am one of their writers. We are hoping to make more reviews about movies, series and books — basically anything that’s about entertainment.

So please, please, please. Do relay our reviews site! My friend Jan is the one who constantly makes reviews about the Glee, Game of Thrones and Awkward per-episode review. She’s planning to write a review about the Amazing Spiderman 2 while Tammy’s working on the reviews of some of the most popular comics. So as long as there’s a new release, expect that there’s a new post there. 

On the other hand, I’m still deciphering what to write next, but I will be writing about the Fault in Our Stars review in June, which will be more like a review/comparison— just like what I did in my recent post. Do you have a suggestion? :D 

I made the very recent one. :) Please do visit it! hihi thank you very much!


Dearest followers,

This decision became hard on me because it’s been three years since this blog’s existence. However, I wish to have, and introduce to you, dealingwithmemory, (which came from this blog’s blog title). 

Before you follow (assuming you are still interested), I will be limiting my posts to 3 P’s: Photos, Poetry and Personal. Personal stuff will be rare, I assure you, because it will be mostly filled with my posts regarding my relationship with Patrick (hihi, I think I’m sounding too formal now) and my thoughts on some issues regarding politics, society and anything that goes.

As of the moment, I finally found peace with some of the raw photos I have (since I’m still learning how to post-process them) and poetry. 

So well, that’s it! If you are interested, just click this link: http://dealingwithmemory.tumblr.com

Thank you very much! :)

This is how I will welcome 2014 :)

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We prepared maki for the New Year! :>

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Do you know that feeling when after reading a certain book, a different kind of joy and wonder flashes across your face and suddenly, you file them together with those books that made you feel the same — those books that unexpectedly made you fear to read the next book because it might eradicate that highly momentous feeling? There are some books that can turn you completely paralyzed, like you cannot move for a while, cannot think, cannot even speak, but you can never help telling yourself, “wow, that’s just so amazing.” And sometimes, those books make you shed off those tears the stream down your face, as if those tears were waiting to fall to rejoice in great pleasure. And suddenly, you just want to send an e-mail to those great minds, those great poets, storytellers and authors, about just how wonderful they made you feel. Have you ever felt that feeling? Because if you do, then you found home.