not sure if I’m going to relive this account, but I’m really starting to love my new blog.

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hey you guuuys!

I’m so sorry but I’m not here anymore huhuhu. :(

my new abode is at so you can message me there insteaaad :< thank you!

Hey guys!

yeah, if you must know (again), I moved to . You might want to check it out so… Yup! Heehee.

Thank you! :>

Dearest followers,

This decision became hard on me because it’s been three years since this blog’s existence. However, I wish to have, and introduce to you, dealingwithmemory, (which came from this blog’s blog title). 

Before you follow (assuming you are still interested), I will be limiting my posts to 3 P’s: Photos, Poetry and Personal. Personal stuff will be rare, I assure you, because it will be mostly filled with my posts regarding my relationship with Patrick (hihi, I think I’m sounding too formal now) and my thoughts on some issues regarding politics, society and anything that goes.

As of the moment, I finally found peace with some of the raw photos I have (since I’m still learning how to post-process them) and poetry. 

So well, that’s it! If you are interested, just click this link:

Thank you very much! :)

This is how I will welcome 2014 :)

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We prepared maki for the New Year! :>

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